The park is open… Lego Jurassic World promises fun, adventure and of course, lots of dinosaurs.

With the drop of the trailer earlier today, it’s only appropriate now that you guys get to have a cheeky look deeper into what to expect of Lego’s take on Jurassic World. I got to go check out the game and have a chat to Tim Wileman, Associate Producer of the game.

If you weren’t aware already, the game will follow Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World. There will be twenty levels over all, spanning across those four films to get your teeth stuck into. In those levels, you will encounter two islands and both will have the familiar hub areas where you can jump back and forth across levels and have a little open world exploration.

There are well over 120 collectible characters that are going to be available in game, including Jurassic Park’s mascot Mr DNA, who also pops up on loading screens to give you helpful hints throughout the game. In the demo that I got to get my hands on, you were given control over some familiar faces from the first film. Each of these characters had their own unique special ability, as with all of the Lego games, but in this game? There’s some really fun new ones to try out.

LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_2
Mind your fingers now…

Lego Jurassic World promises to be big, bold and I can tell you now that it’s absolutely beautiful. One of the most staggering thing about Lego games as they’ve progressed over the past few years is how impressive they look visually. Jurassic World is easily one of the most gorgeous Lego games I’ve seen to date and the development team have put in a lot of hard work into making the game feel true to the movies that they’re inspired by. Once you go past the Lego themselves, you’ll see stunning, sprawling jungles and grasslands, waterfalls and lakes. It’s incredibly impressive, this is the sort of thing you’d expect to see in any other game, not a Lego one. It just shows the dedication here and how this blend of Lego and real world really works, plus it’s also a bit of a nostalgia factor there too, taking your Lego’s out into the garden and building your scenes and playing in the plants. It’s fantastic.

In the demo itself that I got to get hands on with, we were thrown into two levels from the first movie Jurassic Park. We open with the familiar scene of the sick Triceratops and see the scene near perfectly reenacted by the Lego figures, that’s one thing that always impressed me about the Lego games, how they do their best to stay so true to the original content, whilst still retaining that Lego charm and humour for the kids. Ellie and park ranger Jerry stay behind with the Triceratops whilst everyone else continues the tour and it’s now your job to make the Triceratops feel better. This is when you immediately get to use Ellie’s special ability, which made me laugh and I know kids will squeal in delight and scream ‘eeeew!’ just like in the film. Ellie goes and just jumps head first right on into a massive pile of dino poo. Paleobotonists like Ellie will be able to do this in order to find items that you’ll need to progress in the level, other characters will understandably shy away at such a monumentally smelly task. You’ll need Jerry’s sharp shooting ability to help out here, which like in previous Lego games is just where you can point and shoot targets to unlock areas. Jerry’s other ability is tracking, so when he gets his hands on a clue, he can have a snoop around to find items to help you out in the game. Likewise, Ellie’s second ability allows her to grow giant plants that will spring up platforms to let you jump up into otherwise unreachable areas.

You’ll notice little strands of Lego DNA around levels, these aren’t collectibles but they are where you can go to for hints if you’re a bit stuck. Obviously to veteran players we won’t really be needing them, but Mr DNA is right there on hand to help out perhaps those with littler hands and minds who need a bit of extra help in finding out what they need to do next.

LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_3
Ellie and Jerry are on the case to heal the Triceratops.

Whilst breaking everything you possibly can made of Lego in the level, Ellie and Jerry eventually find the ingredients needed to make the Triceratops feel better. Once she’s up on her feet again, the best thing in this entire game happens, she becomes a member of your party. That’s right, you can play the dinosaurs in this game! There are 20 controllable dinosaurs in the game, the Triceratops just one of them. Like the Lego characters themselves, each of the dinosaurs have their own unique ability. The Triceratops can charge at high speeds and smash through particularly tough obstacles and knock down trees.

“You can cover great distances very quickly with the Triceratops, cashing in on studs. The raptors are really cool too and they feature massively and heavily in the game. The Dilophosaurus is good as well with his spitting ability.”

In this first level you also get to have a first look at the brand new dynamic weather system. Just like how unpredictable the weather is on Isla Nublar, the weather will change just the same in the game itself. It could be a bright, beautiful sunny day when you first start out, but then the next thing you know storm clouds can usher in a mighty hurricane and drench the island in an incredible storm.

After getting through the gates to get back to another car so you can catch up with the others, we jump right over to one of the most famous scenes in all of the Jurassic Park franchise; the first appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We switch characters now over to Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm, who are trying to free Lex and Tim from underneath the overturned car, currently being chewed to bits by the T. rex. Dr Grant’s ability allows him to break through Lego scenery that was previously unmovable with the help of his trusty raptor claw, to let him find items that will help you to progress the game. You’ll be able to distract the T. rex for long enough to get Lex out first and she’ll join your party. An old favourite from Lego Indiana Jones returns for her special ability. Lex screams and can break glass so that you can grab more items.

LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_1
T. rex? More like T. wrecks. Am I right?

With some screaming, that poor park inspector that got swallowed down whole (but not without brushing the T. rex’s teeth first) and some flares wielded by Dr Malcolm, you can dash in to rescue Tim and watch as the events unfold and another superbly rendered cutscene of how the T. rex successfully manages to split up the team and tear open Dr Malcolm’s shirt, we move onto the final part of the demo. The T. rex chase with Dr Malcolm, Ellie and Jerry.

In this classic chase scene, you can switch between Ellie and Jerry to throw flares into the T. rex’s mouth and drive the vehicle respectively. Fun fact: If you throw five flares into the T. rex’s mouth, you’ll unlock a collectible! The demo ends with you successfully speeding away from the rampaging dino.

New features in this game include the exciting new Dinosaur Arena, which I asked Tim about, “When you give kids dinosaur toys, the first thing that generally happens is that they fight them. We couldn’t make a game about dinosaurs and not let you put them head to head.”

Not only will you be able to put your dinosaurs head to head, you’ll also be able to customise them to your heart’s content, “You can take your dinosaurs to the special customisers and pull them apart and reform them in any way you please. You can take a Stegosaurus’ head on it a Dilophosaurus’ head, a raptor’s tail and a T. rex’s arms on it. The head of the dinosaur will determine the ability that they’ll have.” It looks like there’s definitely a lot to get stuck into, because once you’ve created your dinosaurs you can then populate the hub areas of your island and get to control your new creations, or if you’re so inclined you can also put them into the arena.

LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_4
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Jurassic World promises to be an authentic Lego experience of all four movies in the Jurassic Park franchise, utilising voice acting from across the series, the game will easily bring one of the best Jurassic Park experiences we’ve had to date in game format. A big thanks to the guys at Warner Bros. Games for inviting us along to check out the game, we look forward to seeing what else you’ll be able to get up to when the game releases!

Lego Jurassic World comes out in June 2015 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and PlayStation Vita.

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