Along side the LG G4 flagship, LG are rumoured to be working on a much larger phablet complete with stylus and this could be it

Earlier today an XDA member has leaked what they claim to be photos of the upcoming LG G4 Note, a variant of LG’s upcoming flagship that’s set to offer a more phablet experience than the G4 flagship. It’s set to show a new direction for LG phones, as this particular device comes with a Galaxy Note-like stylus stored away at the back of the device. Little detail is actually known about the device, but the XDA user claims that it’s still in development and despite software updates it’s very buggy.

Now, from what we’ve heard over the past couple of weeks, this is the device that’ll come with an all-metal shell, but will run a lower-powered chip in comparison to the LG G4. It’s also likely that it’ll be a new device in LG’s ‘Stylus’ range which was introduced last year with the LG G3 Stylus that came with a pen wedged in the top of the device. The pen itself is being named the “G Pen,” and for a company to name even the pen (like Samsung with the S Pen) this could be a new range of devices for LG.

We’re expected to hear more from LG in the next month or so, so we’re staying tuned.

LG-G4-Note-leak LG-G4-Note-leak-2

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