The LG Watch Urbane has launched in Korea today, and it’s pretty pricey

When you think of expensive smartwatches, you likely immediately think of the upcoming Apple Watch which can cost someone around £10,000 depending on the version they go for. But before MWC earlier this year, LG unveiled plans to launch a version of the G Watch R that was more fashion conscious and offered LTE / 4G connectivity. Though we expected it to be a little pricier than the LG G Watch, we didn’t expect it to be this expensive.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE launched in Korea today with a price tag of 650,000 won, which on its own seems like a lot, but in reality it’s around £395, or $590, and though Korean prices are usually a little steeper than what you’d find elsewhere, chances are when the watch comes to other markets, it’ll still remain quite highly priced. Though what do you expect from a smartwatch that can essentially work independently from smartphones thanks to its LTE connection.

Of course, the LTE variant is much different from the Watch Urbane and the G Watch R. Instead of needing to be paired with an Android device, the LG Watch Urbane LTE runs LG’s own WebOS and can function independently from a smartphone, but is it really worth the price? Right now it seems to be more of an experiment than anything else, with LG just testing the waters. It’ll be interesting to see if the LTE variant lands in other markets.

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