UK retailer has revealed when you get get your writsts on the LG Watch Urbane

Earlier this year LG unveiled the LG Watch Urbane, their third Android Wear-powered smartwatch which offers a more refined, luxurious feel than LG’s other smartwatches. The Watch Urbane is suited more for normal wear having more of a “dress feel” than LG’s more sportier offerings. It’s also a direct competitor to Apple’s fashion conscious Apple Watch, undercutting its price too.

The new design offers a much more sleek and polished look instead of the sporty black offering currently on the LG G Watch R. It’s also round faced too so it’ll go with any outfit of your choosing. I’ll come powered with the same tech however, with 512 MB RAM, a Snapdragon 400 processor, and a 410 mAh battery.

According to Clove, a UK distributor of LG’s watch, the G Watch Urbane is set to be released on April 27, for £299.00 with VAT. That’s not bad considering the base price of the Apple Watch is Around £350. Right now the Urbane works with any device running Android 4.3, but there’s also word that Google is working on iOS support too.

It’s worth noting that pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, though usually Clover is spot-on with their pageholder pricing and releases.

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