Get out of time in the new trailer for Life Is Strange episode 2

You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for this, well.. you probably can, it’s ever since the first episode launched in January.. Either way, I was left with such a lasting impression I’ve been looking forward to the second episode, and it’s almost upon us. So to get us in the mood, DONTNOD has released a new trailer for the second episode which is set to launch on March 24.

“Episode 1 was just the beginning of our story,” said Michel Koch, co-game director and art director at DONTNOD. “It is an introduction to the characters, to Blackwell Academy and to Arcadia Bay, but there is much more to come. Will Max and Chloe discover what has happened to Rachel Amber? Why does Max have this vision of a tornado? And what about the weird snow storm? There are plenty of secrets lurking in Arcadia Bay”

In Episode 2 we’ll start to see many of our choices affect the story in a lot of different ways, it seems the first episode was just a taste of how things change. We’ll also be seeing some more beautiful locations as Max heads outside of Blackwell Academy and explores new areas in Arcadia Bay. This is definitely something I’m excited to see, I want to see even more of the gorgeous world that DONTNOD have created. We’re also set to meet a bunch of new characters too.

“We can’t wait to see your reactions to Episode 2: Out of Time. We hope to see some more let’s play videos, fan art and maybe even some cosplay!” said Koch.

If you’ve already purchased the first episode, you can still get Episode’s 2-5 via the Season Pass for £13.99/€17.99. If you’re yet to pick up any of the episodes, you can with the ‘Complete Season’ bundle for £15.99.


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