It’s not all sad news for Maxis fans as one developer seeks funding to continue doing what he loves

Earlier this month EA announced that it was shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the company behind The Sims and of course SimCity. When EA announced the news and subsequently closed the studio, Bryan Shannon lost his job, so to make ends meet, he did what he does best by designing even more tiny buildings but this time they won’t be for a new SimCity title, they’re actually for Cities Skylines, and he’s hoping you’ll offer to pay for him to continue work.

Cities Skylines is being dubbed the game that SimCity should have been, so it seems fitting that Shannon should earn a living from such a game. He’s already developed two structures for the game, the first a fairly dirty-looking coal power plant and a brightly coloured burger shack, both of which are available in the game’s Steam Workshop page. But Shannon wants to continue to develop buildings for the game and hopes you’ll help fund that venture via his own Patreon page.

“The games industry is experiencing one of the hardest times right now,” Shannon writes in his Patreon. “Many students are graduating from Game Art schools, many companies are going through layoffs as the economy is improving (that’s right, the better the economy is doing, the less people are playing games! sad days!).

“I, too, was laid off from the industry… specifically, Maxis of Emeryville in their final months. To keep my dream alive, I need to find work soon, or it might be time to start cleaning dishes and wrapping burritos.”

So, Shannon hopes to spend his free time making models for Cities Skylines, one every couple of weeks, releasing the textures and models to the community so they can learn from his work. In return he’d like to raise around $600 per model, so he can commit to producing a fully functioning model each week, and take on the project full-time.

You can check out his designs and even donate to help Shannon via his Patreon page, here.


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