Meerkat boss isn’t worried about Twitter’s limitations

SXSW is currently happening and with any event or festival it’s a competition to be the most popular app used during the events.

Meerkat the app that allows you to easily live stream via Twitter looked like it was going to be the hot app at this years SXSW, you could live stream your favourite band, various talks and any other fun stuff happening in Austin Texas.

But on Friday Twitter officially pee’d on the Meerkat fire by announcing it has bought a similar app called Periscope. Although Periscope is currently unreleased Twitter is already making it awkward for the competition by limiting Meerkats access to its social graph in accordance with its internal policy.

This move stops Meerkat users automatically linking their Twitter followers, taking away one of the key features about the app.

Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin Tweeted:

Following this tweet he spoke about the changes to his app at SXSW saying: “You know, we were lucky. Twitter was very nice to us. And it’s their house. We need to be the best guest there is.”

Rubin said he never intended the app to rely too heavily on Twitter and that it was a great way to jump-start the community. It look’s like the future of Meerkat is still bright while all eyes will be on Twitter and Periscope.

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