Metroid Zero Mission heads to Nintendo eShop

Metroid Zero Mission released on Virtual Console this week

Some fantastic news for fans of the Metroid series, with an announcement from Nintendo this week that Metroid Zero Mission will be the latest in the franchise to be made available on Virtual Console.  As with other GBA games, this will be released for the Wii U, rather than 3DS, despite the original being a handheld game.

Metroid Zero Mission is one of the harder to find titles if you are trying to complete your Metroid collection (like a certain someone in my household), so this is a very welcome alternative.  Zero Mission was originally released in 2004 for Gameboy Advance, and was an enhanced remake of the original Metroid game, rebuilt using the same story but more in keeping with the style of Super Metroid.

The Virtual Console version of Zero Mission is due out in the Australian and European eShops this week.  Will you be downloading it?

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