OpenBooks allows you to pay-what-you-want for hundreds of eBooks

Michal Kicinski, who you’ll probably know best for the Witcher game series and the classic DRM-free gaming site,, has just launched a brand new independent eBookstore,, offering readers the chance to download hundreds of books for free, and then decide whether to pay, and how much to pay, via an embedded payment link.

Featuring hundreds of books from various different authors, users don’t even have to sign up, and immediately start reading. If they enjoy the book they can agree to then sign up and pay something for it, whether it’s a dollar, or fifteen dollars.

Now you might be thinking that this is a pretty pants offer for authors, and why should they bother signing up? Well, they’ll be earning a 70 per cent share from the revenue sales of their book, and get to keep the rights to all of their properties as well as earning eBook revenues from non-eCommerse sources, such as peer-to-peer eBook copying and sharing.

Simply put, if you loved the book you’ll probably want to share if with friends, so you can just copy it over to them and let them read it. If you both love it that much, you could then decide to each pay for it, that’s some pretty good marketing if you ask me. If your buddy doesn’t like the book however, it’s not as off-putting as already paying a couple of dollars for an eBook that’ll forever remain in your Kindle library and never be read – for example.

The books are available in all different formats (EPUB, MOBI, or PDF) making them readable on most eReaders and tablets, once they’ve read the book, they can simply just pay for it uring the payment link found within the eBook, it’s that simple and makes eBook sharing much, much easier.

Now, as someone who rarely finds time to read books, I have many paper and digital books that I’ve purchased and kick myself every day for not reading them. For me, is a brilliant way to get the books I want without spending any money, yet. It’s also a great way to discover authors you may yet have heard of.

Head on over to to try it out for yourself, and don’t forget to spread the word!

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