Microsoft could be taking on the budget tablet space with affordable Surface tablet

Microsoft’s range of tablet devices, the Surface family, is one of the interesting anomalies in technology that receive rave reviews from experts and those within the industry but have failed to be picked up in large numbers by consumers – rumours are suggesting that Microsoft are looking to change that by releasing a more affordable Surface 3 to replace the current Surface 2.

The Surface Pro 3 is the latest in the line of tablets that can allegedly replace your laptop, but that has left the Surface devices squarely in the high end market – the Surface 2 was the last tablet from the Redmond company that offered a stripped back version of the Surface experience (Windows RT and all).

It looks like Microsoft may be changing this, as rumours circulated by WinBeta are suggesting that a Surface 3 may be releasing soon, which will be a ‘lite’ version of the high powered (and high priced) Surface Pro 3.

In a move that will relieve many consumers this middle of the road tablet may ditch the fledgling Windows RT OS that restricted previous Surface devices to apps that are available on the scarce Windows Store.

If true, the move to release this new Surface running a full version of Windows 8.1 will corroborate with recent reports that Microsoft are looking to phase out Windows RT as a whole, instead opting to run with a somewhat restricted version of the much anticipated Windows 10 OS.

Reports are suggesting that Microsoft may take Apple’s lead with their Macbook and feature a mobile Intel Atom or Core M chip – if they do go down this route then Microsoft would be able to offer this new tablet at a lot lower price than the current Surface Pro 3 range, with all proudly boast Intel’s 4th generation processors.

There were also reports that Microsoft have previously toyed with the idea of releasing a lower key Surface device, with a ‘Surface Mini’ allegedly pulled just days before its planned release – if these latest rumours are to be believed then it could be that the Surface 3 could be the natural successor to this sort of device.

Of course while these are all rumours it’s worth taking the claims with a pinch of salt, however it is believed that we will find out more at Microsoft’s Build conference, which starts on April 29.

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