Turn any monitor or TV into a Windows 10 PC with PC on a stick

One of the most intriguing tech releases of the past year might just be the PC-on-a-stick, which Intel showed off in January at CES 2015; a clear challenger to Google’s Chromecast these Windows powered sticks can turn any TV or monitor into a low powered Windows machine, and it looks as though Microsoft are planning a big future with these sticks as the Redmond company has revealed their own HDMI dongle, the Lucoms PC-on-a-stick.

Microsoft’s Korean division revealed the new device, it seems that Microsoft are testing the waters on this technology in a smaller market before deciding to roll these out to the Western world.

Much like Intel’s own Compute Stick the Lucoms device is low powered, with a 16 or 32GB version available to the South Korean marketplace, but the dongle weighs in at just 46g and does have it’s own USB port for the insertion of peripherals.

While this technology will never replace desktop machines it’s interesting to see Microsoft go after the likes of the Chromecast, especially by offering a full version of their OS on a similar priced device.

Of course this is meant to be an entertainment device, aimed more at turning old TVs into Smart TVs, but that does not mean that the full version of Windows on such a portable device will not offer features that will not be able to be matched by current competitors.

Another interesting aspect to the Lucoms PC-on-a-stick is that it will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 when the much anticipated OS is released later in the year; we’ve only seen these devices rocking Windows 8.1 at this point, which is understandable considering the OS’ lightweight nature, but this is the first time that there has been confirmation that even devices this small will make the jump to Windows 10.

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