Microsoft’s Ninja Cat and Unicorn Sticker was Briefly a Thing

The ninja cat riding a unicorn sticker is like a Microsoft in-house Easter Egg.

The sticker appeared on the Microsoft campus one day and shorty after, anyone with a sense of humour working on the campus had one stuck to whatever Windows device they were using. Not wanting this to be too much of a secret club, Microsoft gave its fans the option to buy the sticker themselves on the companies own store.

A 3-inch version was made available at $1.25 and a 6 inch version for $3.50. Check the Microsoft store now and you will see no sign of the stickers, it looks like they’ve completely sold out leaving no trace but a group of satisfied fans that managed to get their hands on one.

I know what you’re thinking ‘it’s just a sticker, what’s the big deal?’. Firstly, did you not see the cat riding a unicorn? Secondly, it’s a really fun way to be a part of something unique.

Microsoft haven’t said if the stickers will be restocked, I think it’ll be more fun if they are made available at random intervals throughout the year without any warning.

Can we catch that illusive Microsoft sticker?