Finally, we have the full name of the upcoming Mission: Impossible flick along with an action-packed trailer.

Tom Cruise being a bad ass; check. Tom Cruise being a bad ass on a bike, check. A flute that turns into a deadly weapon, check. Tom Cruise being a bad ass hanging from the side of a plane, check. It’s all happening in the latest trailer for Mission: Impossible 5, or should I say, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, as the movie not only received its first trailer this weekend, but also unveiled its subtitle. An it looks like Cruise and the gang have a big problem.

Set to in theatres this summer, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation sees the return of Cruise as Ethan Hunt as they’ve faced with an adversary almost as powerful of an organisation as Hunt’s. Check out the fully action packed trailer above. The movie was originally set to launch later this year, but was reportedly pushed up to not compete with the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre, which is set to launch in November.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is set to land in theatres in July.

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