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MobileFun is offering a way for you to get the look of the Apple Watch Edition for a fraction of the price

If you’ve been eyeing up the sparkly luxury of the £9,000 Apple Watch Edition but can’t quite afford its hefty price tag, then MobileFun have the solution for you in the form of a £29.99 Gold Upgrade Kit. That’s right, you can have the look of the Apple Watch Edition, for a fraction of the price, but how?

Well, for the low-low price of £29.99 you’ll receive the upgrade kit which according to MobileFun’s description, “uses a collection of high definition (HD) manual adhesives to achieve a compelling look, cloaking your Apple Watch in a golden hue.”

Simply put, it’s a £29.99 gold vinyl sticker kit which fits snugly around your Apple Watch. The Upgrade Kit is fully compatible with all Apple Watch models, with owners of the Apple Watch Sport seeing the biggest improvement. If you wanted to you can also slap it over your £9,000 Apple Watch Edition for that little bit extra protection, because you’ve just spent £9,000+ on a smartwatch after all.

You can purchase your Upgrade Kit right now in preparation for the Apple Watch launch later next month.

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