Mozilla is looking to dominate the feature phone market with Firefox OS

Remember Firefox OS? No? That’s probably because at present Mozilla have a keen focus on dominating emerging markets, and right how have very low-end handsets running their web-centric Firefox OS. To further avoid competing with Google and Apple, Mozilla has announced a new focus on feature phones.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Mozilla announced a new partnership with LG and carriers Verizon, Telefónica, KDDI, and U+ to create a new range of flip phones, sliders, and touchscreen “slate” handsets. Running on these devices will be a new version of Firefox OS which the company say is a “more intuitive and easy-to-use,” promising to balance the simplicity of feature phones with basic smartphone functionality.

With many Firefox OS devices available in emerging markets, Mozilla want to make sure they’ve got the monopoly here. The non-profit has signed a deal with Orange which will take its smartphones into 13 new markets across Africa and the MIddle East, bringing Firefox OS into a total of 40 regions with 17 different handsets within the coming 12 months.


Mozilla’s dominance doesn’t stop there either as they’ve also announced a brand new phone today in partnership with Alcatel OneTouch, the Klif, a device that’ll cost just $40 from Orange exclusively. You may think that the Klif is fairly familiar and that’s because it’s essentially a rebranded Pixi 3, Alcatel OneTouch’s smartphone which comes with either Android, Windows Phone, or Firefox OS out of the box.

With an abundance of same-old smartphones dominating the market, is Mozilla’s move to revive an old, forgotten format a little silly, or is it damn clever and will have Mozilla stand out from the crowd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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