At PAX, Gearbox Software revealed they’ve always been interested in revisiting Brothers in Arms

Third person cover-based shooter, Brothers in Arms, finished kind of abruptly leaving fans of the series in the dark as to what’s going to happen in the future for Sgt. Matt Baker. Fortunately developer Gearbox has always been interested in revisiting the franchise.

At the “Inside Gearbox Software” panel at PAX East this past weekend, Chief Creative Champion Mikey Neumann revealed that Gearbox has always wanted to revisit the game saying: “A lot of people love Brothers in Arms and they love [series protagonist Sgt. Matt Baker]. Obviously we never really got to finish that story. We’ve always said, ‘Man, we want to go back to this.'”

Also attending the panel was Troy Baker, who also discussed interest in returning to the series, as Sgt. Baker was the first major roles he played. “[Sgt. Matt Baker] was the first lead character that I had, and it’s something that–as a gamer and an actor–I’ve always wanted to go back to,” he said.

Unfortunately for those hoping for a revival, neither Baker or Neumann revealed whether the game would get revived or whether something was in the works, I’m guessing if enough interest surfaced, they’d be willing to put some time into a new game. At least, we hope.

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