For those who prefer one type of plastic guitar over another, come this April a new Guitar Hero game is set to be announced.

We’ve already had official word that a new Rock Band is in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and with rumours that Guitar Hero will also be resurrected we’ve now got word that next month will be the month that we hear more about Activision’s return to the guitar-based game.

According to Gamereactor UK, who have since removed their story, Activision has sent out an invitation to a reveal event which was originally sent to the media in Germany. NeoGAF has managed to save the original text, and the invite suggests that the event is for a rythmn game featuring rock music. The event is set for April 1 in “Hamburg Rock City,” and Activision has purportedly asked journalists to “rock the shack with us!”

Previous reports have suggested Activision may resurrect the Guitar Hero franchise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and suggested the big reveal would come at E3 2015. The last Guitar Hero title to be released was Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock which launched in 2010. So it’s about time a new Guitar Hero game surfaced.

At time of writing, Activision is yet to confirm or deny the rumours.

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