Jurassic World is going to be epic and this trailer proves it

The Jurassic Park series has always had a solid place in my heart, no matter how much Jurassic Park 3 absolutely terrified me. I’m absolutely stoked for Jurassic World, and I’m counting down the days for when this movie is released!

Jurassic World is set to stomp into theatres this June, 12 according to the new trailer, which you can see above. Along with the June release date, the trailer gives us a glimpse at some more dinosaurs, and a scene where many people are carried away by Pterosaurs – no thank you. The TV spot shows us a lot of the footage we’ve already seen for the movie, but it doesn’t get us any less exciting!

So what’s happening in Jurassic World? Well it seems the theme park has had its fill of tourists and numbers are starting to dwindle a little, so the mega-corp behind the park do what any good mega-corp would do in this situation: create a genetically modified dinosaur which has never been seen before, ever. As you can expect, things don’t go well and from the short clips in the trailer above, unleashes chaos on the island in which the park is situated.

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