Experience sights, sounds and smells with new Oculus Rift add-on.

In news that is both exciting and potentially gross, FeelReal have created a mask add-on to the Oculus Rift which will release scents, and spray you with water mist to enhance your gaming experience.  This will be great for those times when you wish to get wet and stinky whilst gaming, or get a virtual reality induction into what it feels and smells like on day three of a gaming convention.

Currently the device can produce a number of different scents, which according to research by The Verge including: ocean, jungle, fire, grass, powder, flowers and metal.  I am fairly confident I could reproduce most of that experience with a range of air fresheners and a lighter, though I’m sure the technology will manage it with a little more finesse.

The mask also produces temperature-controlled air, mist and vibration.  It will be interesting to see how well it takes off: I imagine wearing a full face mask which buzzes, swishes air at you, spritzes you with water and exudes a number of confusing odours will take some getting used to.  However, it’s clearly a step in the right direction to giving us a fully-immersive all-senses gaming experience, so I say let’s embrace it.

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