During this weekend’s finale of The Walking Dead, we got our first look at Fear The Walking Dead spin-off

Spin-off / companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, was revealed to us by the show’s creator last week, and now during the extra intense 90-minute finale for The Walking Dead, we’ve received our first look at the show which is set to tell the story of another group of people in the very same zombie infested world.

The short 15 second clip doesn’t reveal much other than an oblivious Los Angeles descending into chaos. It seems, Fear The Walking Dead will be focusing on how the events in The Walking Dead came to be during the time Rick Grimes was comatose in hospital, as seen in the show’s pilot episode.

Though for those who have watched the series so far, and knowing what we know, it’ll be interesting to see how Fear The Walking Dead’s story unfolds.

Check out the trailer above for your first look. Fear The Walking Dead is set to premier this summer, giving us our zombie fix whilst we wait for Season 6 of the main series to begin.

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