A town full of mystery, Paper Towns gets a poster and a date for its trailer.

Today Twentieth Century Fox have released the first poster for the Paper Towns movie and we are all kinds of excited.

Paper Towns is a coming of age story focusing on Quentin (Nat Wolff) and Margo (Cara Delevingne) two young neighbours who go on an all night adventure around their home-town but the next day Margo disappears leaving a bunch of cryptic clues for Quentin to follow with his friends as he desperately tries to find her.

Paper Towns is about adventure, love and friendship and if the movie does the book justice it will be a perfect companion to the book.

John Green’s second movie adaptation is set for a summer release, and the trailer for the movie will debut Thursday March 19th.  Keep an eye on n3rdabl3 as we will bring you the trailer as soon as it drops in our inboxes.

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