Sony Pictures is set to release the first trailer for Pixels on Tuesday, not before they release a trailer teaser..

As the trend of trailers for trailers continues, Sony Pictures has released the latest one for their upcoming video-game invasion flick, Pixels. Starring Adam Sandler and a handful of familiar faces, Pixels sees giant pixelated video game characters crashing onto Earth, destroying everything in their path. It’s up to Sandler and co to stop them..

Check out the ten second trailer above which doesn’t reveal a lot, other than Donkey Kong’s feet, PAC-Man’s “wagawaga,” and some eerie shadows. It looks to be a pretty intense flick, though it’ll likely be deflated by Sandler’s humour. Not that that’s a bad thing..

Pixels tells the story of intergalactic aliens who misinterpret video-feeds of classic games being broadcast into space, as a threat of war by Earth and cause them to attack our home planet. See PAC-man swallowing up buildings and people, Donkey Kong destroing cities using barrels, and much much more. In order to save the planet, Sam Brenner (Sandler) is set to lead a group of old-school arcade players to defeat the aliens and save the planet.

Pixels is set to hit theatres on July 24.

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