It looks like Nintendo’s free-to-play experiment, Pokemon Shuffle, is a success

Following the news that Pokemon Shuffle had hit 1 million downloads, The Pokemon Company announced on Twitter that the match-three puzzler has now hit 2.5 million downloads proving that despite the fairly hefty use of microtransactions, Nintendo’s first foray into the world of free-to-play games has been a success.

Pokemon Shuffle launched in February and is the first of two Puzzle & Dragon-style games featuring popular Nintendo properties. The first being Pokemon Shuffle and the second being Puzzle and Dragon Super Mario Bros edition, which is set to release along side the new Puzzle & Dragon game launching on Nintendo 3DS later this year.

Nintendo has recently signed a partnership with japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA, to bring its propertise to mobile platforms, and while some of these titles may be free to play, some will be premium titles too. Details on what first properties will be used however, are yet to be announced.

So hopefully, following Pokemon Shuffle’s success, Nintendo have learned a lot from it when approaching new titles for smartphones and tablets.

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