Ubisoft has announced a closed-alpha for Rainbow Six Siege is incoming!

Such hype! The gameplay trailers look fantastic, even though some of the videos have really hammy acting. I really think there’s an audience for the new Rainbow Six Siege – the tactical shooter market hasn’t really seen a good release in a number of years, and the Battlefield series has dropped it’s more realistic mechanics for COD style casual gunplay.

So I’m excited to hear that the new Rainbow Six is reaching Alpha phase, and the best part is you can sign up to be part of it. That’s right. Just head over to this link and log in to Uplay – fill out their little questionnaire and you’ll be put up for consideration when the Alpha rolls around. The Alpha will be limited to North America and Europe though, so if you’re outside those areas then you’re out of luck.

“It’s time to see how people react, and the only way to do that is with our Alpha,” says Xavier Marquis, and I agree with him.

Just let me into the Alpha process, please?

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