Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4’s new Mad Catz developed instruments won’t offer anything new..

In January 2015 we covered the rumours and heavy hints from Harmonix themselves that the Rock Band franchise was set to return, earlier this month it was officially announced and already fans of the game are a little bummed out.

Alongside the announcement that Rock Band 4 was coming to next-gen consoles there was also the mention of completely new instruments for the game.

The new instruments are still being released with Rock Band 4, the downside is that they will only be ascetically different to the old peripherals and will contain no new features. So if you were hoping for an extra special leap into the world of next-gen consoles you may be disappointed that there won’t be any new ways to shred.

The upside is that any instruments you have from previous Rock Band titles will work perfectly fine with the new game. The only instrument without backwards compatibility will be the Keytar from Rock Band 3 as the new games focus will be on guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Also, if there’s a particular song you’d like to play on your old instruments, or your new ones, Harmonix are taking song requests, of course not every request will make it into the game but if enough people request the same song it could make the cut depending on licensing.

Check out any Harmonix news here and request your songs.

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