Romeo and Juliet in the same vein as 300?

Sony is currently in negotiations to pick up ‘Verona’, the name of the town in which the classic Shakespeare tragedy takes place. Yet there appears to be a twist this time according to sources this retelling of the lover’s tale will have a ‘300 style’ spin to it. Thoughts?

You might recall Zack Snyder’s ‘300‘, a little bit like Marmite, some people adored it and other really did not like it, whether that was for the violence of the unique heightened sense of reality styling that the film went for. But Romeo and Juliet in this style? It’s hard to picture in the eye of the mind.

Romeo and Juliet has been through a million and one retellings over the almost 400 years it’s been a story, in film you have the noteworthy 1996 Baz Luhrmann Romeo + Juliet, with Leoanrado DiCaprio which gave the story a modern twist setting it in a modern, California-esque Verona. The question comes up as to whether or not the retelling will stay relevant and pull in interest of moviegoers.

Joe Roth is set to produce, a giant at Sony who already has the Alice In Wonderland sequel and The Huntsman sequel on his shoulders, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with further news on the project as more is revealed.

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