Well, I’m once again intrigued by a Samsung device as the new TouchWiz will let you download most apps that come pre-installed

For a while now, Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay has also come with a “suite” of apps which, for me at least, are useless. Unfortunately I could never delete them without rooting the device and flashing custom firmware, which at the end of the day is bad news if you don’t know what your doing. So instead of being stuck with a phone stuffed with Bloatware, I opted for other devices and ultimately fell out of love with Samsung. Now however, I’m eyeing up the S6..

Samsung has since realised people hate all of the crap that comes with Samsung devices, and has scaled back on the amount of bloatware they’ve included in the Galaxy S6, reducing the clutter and offering you a much better experience than that found with the S5. But not only are their less crappy apps, you now apparently have full control over what’s on your device allowing you to uninstall and delete apps which come preinstalled on the device.

The news comes via the XDA forums where one user has gotten their hands on a pre-release Galaxy S6 Edge which has let him disable or uninstall many of the preloaded programs, including some of those from Google and Samsung. So if you don’t have any use for S Voice, you can get rid of it. If this rolls out to the final release of both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, it’ll represent a big change of heart for the company, and will hopefully offer much more control, and could have me looking at Samsung devices once again.

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