Head to GAME next Friday to get a free Shiny Charizard for the latest four Pokemon titles

A brand new Pokemon distribution event is set to kick off next week at GAME and various other retailers across Europe offering players of the latest four Pokemon titles the chance to grab a Shiny Charizard absolutely free!

From April 3, GAME customers will be able to trot into various stores and ask for a free code for an exclusive Shiny Charizard, a special version of the fire and flying type that’s Shiny! The code which you’ll receive can then be redeemed on either Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y.

In addition to this promotion a separate code will also be available during the same “limited period” which will give you access to a Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY Primal Clash Collector’s Album. If that’s something you’re into.

Retailers across France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Nordic territories will be playing host to similar activities, so keep an eye out for more information in your local retailer.

shiny charizard

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