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Burger King Japan hopes you’ll want to smell like a Whopper every day, with new perfume

When you’re starving, the Whopper is the best smelling thing ever, when you’re not so hungry the smell of a slimy burger is the last thing on your mind. But for Burger King patrons in Japan, if you really love the smell of a Whopper that much, you can smell like one every day. Of course this is just a long build-up for a clever April Fool’s prank.

Burger King Japan has announced this week that on April 1, they’ll start selling Whopper-scented perfume to customers. Apparently, despite the date being well known for one of the most prank-filled days ever, the fast food chain has told press, The Wall Street Journal included, that this initiative is no joke – they really are releasing a Whopper-scented perfume and you will be able to buy it in Burger King’s all over Japan.

Featuring the tagline “No Whopper, No Life: Wear It & Have It” you’d be a bit silly to take this serious, even if promotional materials for the perfume look legitimate enough. It also features a fancy fella in a suit with a burger in his pocket – because nothing says “snacking pro” like a three piece suit with a burger pocket square.

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The Au De Whopper, or “Flame-Grilled Fragrance” as it’s actually called, will go on sale on April 1, for 5,000 Yen which is around £25 and will bag you a fancy looking 30 millilitre bottle filled with the stuff.

Hell, they’ve even made a promotional advert for the scent.

Stay classy Japan, stay classy.


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