Today Nintendo confirmed that they were working on a new dedicated video game system, Codename NX, but what exactly could it be?

Earlier today Nintendo revealed that they were in fact working on a new “dedicated video game system,” soon after they revealed a partnership between Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA, in order to bring Nintendo IP and characters to mobile.

Little detail was revealed about ‘Codename NX,’ but it’ll work along side Nintendo’s new membership scheme which they plan to unveil this Autumn, that’ll span mobile, PC, and Nintendo consoles. That alone suggests the new system could differ from the Wii U, which frankly is still too young to be replaced.

So we’ve been thinking about what Nintendo’s Codename NX could really be. With the New Nintendo 3DS launching not too long ago, and the Wii U still being in its youth, this is what we think Codename NX could be..

A Nintendo Smartphone or Tablet

That’s right. A Nintendo-brand smartphone or tablet designed specifically to play DeNA’s games featuring Nintendo characters and IPs. It makes total sense when you think about it. The two announcements came at the same time, Nintendo will need something to ensure that their investment isn’t a waste, and a dedicated tablet or smartphone would be ideal.

Think of it similar to Amazon’s Fire Phone, Nintendo’s could be designed to make the most of Nintendo’s new membership platform, it could feature a store like the eShop with all of DeNA’s Nintendo titles, it’ll probably have the rumoured Mii app, access to the Mii plaza, and will revolve entirely around Nintendo’s ecosystem.

If you take a look at the way Nintendo worded the announcement, Codename NX is a dedicated video game system,” not a “home console” or a “handheld system,” like the Wii U and 3DS so, for me at least, of suggests that it could be something new. Something exciting. If we further extend Satori Iwata’s statement he also noted that it would have a “brand-new concept,” think about it.. A dedicated gaming focused tablet would be a new concept, at least for Nintendo, anyway.

Of course, I could be and probably am totally wrong, but it’s a fantastic idea, right? So, what do you think Codename NX could be?

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I still think it could be a new dedicated console. Next year is when they will announce more info, so probably won’t be out until 2017 perhaps – if so, that’s 5 years since the Wii U was released. Definitely a possibility if they’ve shortened their development cycle (from Wii to Wii U was 7 years I believe). We’ll have to hold on till next year for more info!


A lot of companies are moving towards streaming services, even microsoft with its streaming xbox to PC, nvidea shield etc. Could be something there. A console with dedicated nintendo streaming service for all devices games?


I think this is quite possible – and also some kind of cloud synchronisation between devices. That would tie in nicely with the plans for the new Club Nintendo too. Exciting times ahead I think!