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The free Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo is going for around $30 on eBay

Some people are just crazy. Instead of heading out and purchasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which comes with a code to get the Episode Duscae demo for Final Fantasy 15, some people are paying outright for the code alone, with some bidding up to $30.. Sure, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is around $60 for some, but with that you not only get the demo, but the full Type-0 game.. Mental!

With most bids for the voucher codes starting at around $30, some are selling for almost double that. It’s truly bizarre. To see how much people are splashing out on a game’s demo which has been designed as it’s own story and not a part of the main game, head here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this week. As for Final Fantasy XV, that’s set to launch later this year.

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