Rumours are growing stronger that Nintendo’s multiplayer shooter Splatoon will have Amiibo support as well as its own range of figures

We’re all getting pretty excited for Splatoon here at n3rdab3 and we may have just wet ourselves at the thought of being able to add Splatoon Amiibo to our collection. That is, if rumours are true.

Now we’ve got a collection of information which has made its way online over the past few weeks, the first of which being South African Retailer, Raru, listing a handful of currently unannounced Amiibo on their store. In amongst those Amiibo were two Splatoon figures, one for the boy character, another for the girl. Though the listings have since been removed, they hint at the possibility of Nintendo launching Amiibo for the multiplayer shooter.

Now, an additional tip has surfaced from Twitter user @Dakotam4711 who shared a video showing that on the eShop game page in their region, Amiibo is listed as “related software,” of course this could mean nothing and that Nintendo has just added a few of its more popular tags to a listing which isn’t fully complete yet.

What it could mean is that Splatoon could support Amiibo in a similar way to how other games handle the figures in that they unlock unique outfits for your character, because we know Splatoon’s character customisation is pretty extensive. If Nintendo do release a range if Splatoon Amiibo, it’s difficult to see right now how they could be used in the game. We know the character’s don’t appear in Super Smash Bros, they also won’t be a part of the Super Mario line of figures.

Either way, we’re excited for Splatoon and we’re hoping it’ll get its own Amiibo, purely to add to our collections.

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