Spotify makes its console debut exclusively on PlayStation consoles.. but for how long?

For a while now many have been calling for the music streaming service Spotify, to land on Xbox One and other consoles, as many want to listen to music while they game. Spotify have remained pretty mum on the subject that is until today as the service is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 exclusively via PlayStation Music.

Set to be titled, PlayStation Music featuring Spotify, this new service replaces Sony’s Music Unlimited service which closed down yesterday on the console. This new deal marks the first time that Spotify lands on consoles, and according to the company will remain only on PlayStation “for the forseeable.”

PlayStation Music will be absolutely free to use, and doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus membership to use, you can also use it with a free Spotify account, or Spotify Premium which costs £9.99 per month and allows ad-free music streaming. PlayStation Music featuring Spotify is also a collaboration between the two companies meaning that a release on Xbox consoles is unlikely to happen any time soon.

“PlayStation have gaming exclusivity,” Murray Pannell, UK marketing director for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, confirmed to Eurogamer at a preview of the app last week. And how long does the exclusivity period last? “That’s to be decided exactly,” he confessed, “but certainly for the foreseeable.”


As for compatibility it seems that the PlayStation Music app is best used on the PlayStation 4 as it’s integrated at system level letting it play music in the background of any gameplay, under dialogue and sound effects. It’s also said to be compatible with most games, and those which are not will only need to have a few settings adjusted. A new control feature is also being added in the form of a micro-player which now appears at the top of the options menu when you pause gameplay, allowing you to quickly change tracks.

You can also sync up your iOS or Android to Spotify to allow your smartphone to remotely control what’s being played using Spotify Connect. As with Spotify Connect anyone connected to your WiFi can allow others in the room to choose the music being played.

It’s a pretty interesting move from Sony and Spotify with the former likely wanting to benefit from Spotify’s 60 million users worldwide, and the latter testing the waters with Spotify on consoles. Unfortunately for now however, it seems that the appearance of Spotify on Xbox One is a distant silhouette.

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