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Square Enix has a “box of surprises” for fiscal 2015, including a new JRPG

Square Enix, widely known for their development on the Final Fantasy series has plenty of surprises up its sleeve for this financial year. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has revealed that the company’s resolution for this fiscal year is “a box of surprises”.

With many turning their eyes towards the upcoming Final Fantasy 15, it seems they’ve got a hell of a lot more to offer, something which I’m pretty excited about. “For fiscal 2015, I think we have a considerable amount of high-end games both inside and outside the country,” Matsuda said in an interview translated by Gematsu. With that he noted that the company also has a surprise JRPG coming to consoles this year.

“I think we’ll have a little surprise, too,” he added, and then explained that he means “a JRPG for home game machines”.

He also added that the publisher has a “considerable amount of high-end games” coming too, though we’re not sure if he’s talking about games we’re aware of, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, or whether there’s more coming from the publisher. “With respect to HD titles for 2015, our Japanese and Western studios are both bolstering their lineups considerably, so it’d be wise to keep an eye on them,” he said.

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