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Steam users have broken another record this weekend with 9 million players playing at once.

PC gaming must be on the up as Steam has recently hit 7, then 8, and now 9 million concurrent players. Once again at around midday on Sunday (pacific time) a total of 9,068,777 players were on Steam at the same time either playing games, browsing the store, or taking part in discussions. That’s pretty impressive, soon enough we’ll be getting 10 million!

Of all of the games on Steam, of course DOTA 2 was the most popular with around 800,000 players at once, followed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive at 500,000 players. DOTA 2 recently passed the one million concurrent players mark which is impressive, but not quite as impressive as Minecraft’s concurrent user base.

Were you on Steam this weekend? Specifically on Sunday at around noon Pacific time?

Steam Concurrent Record


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