It looks like Super Troopers 2 is happening after all as IndieGoGo campaign hits $2 million goal..

When Broken Lizard announced that they were planning to create another Super Troopers movie we had doubts that it would actually happen, sure the original is fantastic and we all want another, but $2 million for a movie that may, or may not be any good? We had slim hopes. Fortunately within 26 or so hours, Super Troopers 2 has received well over its $2 million goal, and the funding is still coming in.

Broken Lizard revealed that they’d like to make another Super Troopers movie, but said that no studio was willing to pick up the sequel, though are you surprised? What studio would front cash for these guys to piss about with moustaches and cop cars? Well, apparently you would. You see, with the revelation that no studio would pick the movie up, they hoped you’d help fund the flick on IndieGoGo, and within a day you have, and then some.

At time of writing, the Super Troopers 2 campaign has raised a little over 25 per cent their original goal, which means they’re going to make the “best movie ever.” So that’s a promise you can hopefully look forward to when the movie is eventually made.

Oh and I’m sure Farva is pleased you raised enough to let him out of the boot of the car.. Speaking of which, if you were hoping to grab a patrol car from the movie, yeah someone already blew $35,000 on that perk. Sorry.

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