It looks like Terraria: Otherworld will be a totally new experience, as a new trailer shows off tower defense mechanics..

Terraria: Otherworld is set to get some new gameplay mechanics when it launches, including tower defence elements. The developer, Re-Logic, confirmed this news on the game’s official forums. In addition to the tower defence, the game will also include a core storyline that can be played through freely, this means you can tackle it as and when you want and there’s no structured quest to follow. NPC’s will also play a big part of Terraria: Otherworld as they’ll also have their own storylines and personalities, all of which are selected at random and rearranged each time players start a new game.

As for the story itself, players will be tasked with the challenge of finding, crafting, and activating something called “Purifying Towers,” that’ll act as a defensive measure to push back The Corruption. Of course, these towers attract enemies, so players will need to construct other towers, called Wartowers, to protect them.

“We want to stress the fact that though this is a more structured approach, we are absolutely trying to retain as much player freedom as possible,” Re-Logic said in a post on the Terraria forum.

It’s certainly an interesting spin on the Terraria formula, and something I’m keen to explore.

Terraria: Otherworld was announced last month and is less of a sequel to Terraria, and instead is a game based in an alternate dimension in the Terraria universe. According to the developers, Otherworld is what Terraria “might have been.”

Check out the new GDC trailer above.

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