The first live-action trailer for Attack on Titan has a lot of screaming, no real look at Titans..

Set for a Summer release in Japan, the live-action remake of the popular manga series of the same name, Attack on Titan, has revealed its first trailer, and though there’s a lot of screaming and a slight glimpse of a Titan, there’s actually very little to give us hope that the flick will live up to the manga.

Attack on Titan is an insanely popular manga series in Japan, which is slowly making its way to the west. The premise of the manga is that giant skinless humanoids have decided to invade a walled city to eat its inhabitants, just because they can, so it’s up to a bunch of kids to take-down the Titans, one grappling hook at a time.

So, you’d think with the movie focusing on these skinless giants, they’d have more of a feature in the trailer? Sadly not, but I guess that’s half the tease, right? We do manage to get a glimpse at one as he’s about to munch on a wriggly human, but that’s about it.

Attack on Titan has been in production since 2011, and is set to release this Summer in Japan.

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