Respawn Entertainment is now offering Titanfall’s DLC for free.. forever

You may have seen earlier this week that all of Titanfall’s DLC was available to download absolutely free to celebrate the game’s one year anniversary. Well as it turns out, the DLC will stay free from now until forever. That’s right, all three map packs released for Titanfall will be free for Xbox 360 and Xbox One players forever.

At first, with no announcements, we thought Titanfall’s DLC offer was a glitch in the system, then we figured it was a celebration of the game being on sale for a year, now it seems it’s not only a celebration, but a permanent price-cut.

It seems Respawn Entertainment’s stance on paid map packs have become apparent. Last night Studio co-founder Vince Zampella revealed that a sequel to Titanfall is in the works and also noted that with the second game they’re considering offering an Evolve-like model, offering all post-launch maps for free, but will charge for character and weapon skins and other cosmetics.

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