LEGO_MovieTheGame_001 has more information surrounding Warner Bros. LEGO toys-to-life game

Earlier this week Videogamer learned that Warner Bros may be working on a toys-to-life video game in the vein of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, though no confirmations were made, previous hints from Travellers Tales suggested this could true. Now the publication has learned what the game could be called.

Though details are thin on the ground, the game, which is expected to go on sale this year and rival Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity, Activision’s Skylanders, and Nintendo’s Amiibo, is currently being developed under the working title “LEGO Dimensions”.

What this could suggest is that the game may allow players to visit multiple LEGO universes depending on the toy they own, so a Batman LEGO toy will send players to LEGO Gotham, an Emmet toy could send players to the world of the LEGO Movie, and so on.

Warner Bros. has currently refused to comment.

What are your thoughts on LEGO Dimensions? Is this something you’d buy into?

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