With the boom of the collectable ‘toys-to-life’ genre in full swing Warner Bros. and LEGO could be creating their own according to reports.

Let’s face it, we love Amiibo, we want to collect all of the Disney Infinity toys, and though I’ve got little experience with the franchise, Skylanders is pretty popular too and it seems LEGO and Warner Bros. know it and may be releasing their own toys-to-life video game, which if you think about it, could be absolutely awesome.

Right now details are pretty thin but according to Videogamer, Warner Bros. is currently developing a toys-to-life game based on the insanely popular LEGO franchise. Though the company has declined to comment, Videogamer report that it’s currently in development at Traveller’s Tales and is set for release this year. The publication also noted that earlier this month they asked Traveller’s Tales’ associate producer Tim Wileman about a possible toys-to-life game, to which he revealed that the studio was “always trying to push the boundaries” of the franchise and hints at players to “watch this space”.

Now, let’s think about that for a second. What direction could Warner Bros. go with this? Chances are they won’t go down the same route as Nintendo, as that’d require a lot of work on their end to update past games to support the new toys. They could go down the Skylanders route offering a sort of battle-arena-type game, or they could compete directly with Disney Infinity and offer a free-roaming world where players can virtually build using LEGO.

For me the latter would be absolutely amazing. It reminds me a lot of the LEGO Creator video game from the nineties, but on a much grander scale. It would have longevity and replayability if, like with Disney Infinity, they allowed users to upload their own creations. Though they’d probably be stepping on the toes of Minecraft here.

Either way, if done right, a LEGO toys-to-life game would be amazing, especially if players had to build the minifigures – assuming that’s what they’d be doing – and they didn’t come already built and glued to a plastic base.

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