Coming soon to Evolve, players will be able to play as the fourth monster, The Behemoth

The Behemoth isn’t called that for no reason, and in this new video from Turtle Rock you can see exactly why. This beast of a monster has the ability to turn into a rolling ball of molten rock, can spit lava, and can even separate the hunters using a lethal tongue grab. It’s pretty brutal. Also in the video you get to see the four new Hunters, which are also coming to the game, in action, and although they have their own unique set of skills, they’re really no match for the Behemoth.

In an upcoming update, Evolve will be getting a ton of new content such as new maps, new skins, and more. There’s also going to be the first batch of DLC heading to the game, the first which includes the Behemoth that you see in the video above. For those who preordered the game and received the Monster Expansion Pack, you’ll get the Behemoth for free, otherwise players will have to fork out £11.99. As for the four additional hunters, you’ll have to pay for them too, you can either purchase the Hunting Pass for around £20, or you can purchase each character for around £6.

In addition to the paid content, a ton of free stuff is coming too like two new maps, and a new Observer Mode, perfect for eSports and broadcasts.

All of this content will be landing first on Xbox One on March 31.

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