A trailer showcasing EVE: Valkyrie’s pre-alpha gameplay footage has dropped, and oh my, it’s looking good.

EVE: Valkyrie is a dog fighting shooter set in the vast expanses of space. I actually had the pleasure in playing an early build of EVE: Valkyrie back at EGX 2014, so to see the trailer drop is a pretty exciting moment for me, because to those out there who love their VR Headsets, I can guarantee you’re going to adore EVE: Valkyrie, because it’s designed specifically for it.

Captured on a VR Headset, the trailer went up today and opens up to you as the pilot in your ship during the startup process before launching out into the stunning world of space to protect the convoy you’re with. I can tell you from my own experience that everything you see in that trailer is as impressive right before your eyes. The game’s clearly come a long way in those months since I got to check it out.

The trailer demonstrates flight, following your Commanding Officer around to check up on the cargo ships you’re protecting, until suddenly an enemy fleet warps in and starts to attack. You get stuck right in to protect your assets, demonstrating the fluid combat and piloting in the game, showing off both what you can do with the controller whilst making the most of being able to actually look around for your targets.


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