What on Earth is Going on With Hideo Kojima?

The Internet is going crazy over the rumour that Hideo Kojima is out of video games, for good.

There’s a lot of hearsay going on right now with reports flying all over the web to suggest that Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima, has left Konami and his production company, Kojima Productions, is no more. But what exactly has happened?

Well it seems it all began on reddit in a post where some users had discovered on Konami’s website, that Kojima had been removed as a Konami executive. This was then picked up by NeoGAF who started to look into things further and discovered a few more interesting things.

Chances are though, with the end of the fiscal year coming up, as well as April 1, all of these coincidences could mean absolutely nothing.

To make matters worse, Kojima Productions, the company behind some Metal Gear games, has mysteriously disappeared with the website once for the company, now being a portal site for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. To further fuel the fire it seems that Metal Gear’s Twitter account is moving away from the Kojima Pro Live account:

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, remember how most Metal Gear titles say “A Hideo Kojima game”? Yeah, that’s no longer displayed on the Metal Gear Solid V page. And it looks like Kojima Productions Los Angeles, the studio behind Metal Gear Online, has now been renamed to Konami Los Angeles Studio..

If that doesn’t scream “Hideo is leaving Konami,” I don’t know what does. Obviously everyone has been bombarding Konami with questions, and though few have received a reply, those that have have received something similar to this:

“Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products,” said the company in a statement to Eurogamer. “Please look forward to future announcements.”

As for Kojima, well..

Of course this could be nothing, Konami could be having a corporate shift around which means a lot less than we’re all getting worried about. Kojima could still be making Metal Gear titles and it seems unlikely that he’ll completely abandon Silent Hills, but again we don’t know.

We also know how much Kojima likes to mess with people. Can anyone remember the chicken head incident?

I’m sure everything will be revealed in due course, but until then, watch this space.

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