WhatsApp crossed the one billion download mark this week joining Facebook and a wealth of Google Apps.

This week WhatsApp became the second non-Google app to reach one billion downloads joining Facebook, the messenger services parent company. Facebook acquired Whatsapp in September 2014, and though things haven’t really changed, the company must be proud that many have flocked to download the messenger app.

This doesn’t mean that one billion people are using WhatsApp, what it means is that the messenger has been downloaded a billion times from Google Play, which could see one person downloading the app on four different devices. I know I’ve downloaded and installed the app on pretty much all of the handsets I’ve used, so that should account for something, right?

What this also means is that WhatsApp is now the biggest and most popular messaging app out there. It’s available not only on Android, but on iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and more.  The reason for its popularity is likely due to its small file-size and cross-platform capabilities allowing those in developed countries to download the app on phones with very little on-board storage. This is also why Facebook decided to release Facebook Lite a few months back.

The one thing holding WhatsApp back a little is its lack of Material Design, something that’s making the app look a little unsightly, especially on devices running Android Lollipop..

I’d be interesting to find out how many downloads the app has had on other platforms too, with one Billion on Google Play, chances are it could almost double if we took into account iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry installs. We know WhatsApp had around 600 million monthly active users in August, chances are that number is much higher too.

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