YouTube for Artists helping boost the careers of YouTube musicians

If you’ve ever spent longer than five minutes on YouTube you have probably stumbled upon someone in front of a mic or behind a guitar, these are YouTube musicians and in the last few years YouTube has become the musicians chosen platform.

A lot of successful musical artists began their careers on YouTube, love them or hate them you know of Jessie J and Justin Bieber thanks to them being discovered on the video sharing site.

YouTube for Artists is a new initiative which aims to help artists connect more with their audience as well as providing easier management of video content and video data.  The homepage shows users how to advertise upcoming shows, how to put your merch out there and offers collaboration ideas as well as tips for potentially becoming a revenue-generated YouTube Partner.

The partner program includes participation in YouTube’s Music Key beta. This is the subscription service YouTube launched the beta of back in November, it provides ad-free playback, access to the full Google Play music library and the option to make playlists similar to Spotify.

YouTube musicians have made their own way though the site for a pretty long time now so it will be interesting to see how the addition of support from YouTube will help.

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