It’s been a fantastic three years, and I want to say thank you.

Three years ago to this day I created n3rdabl3. It began life as a personal tech and gaming related blog with little in the way of ambition to create what you see here today. I didn’t start out with the idea to create a dedicated gaming website, it sort of just happened. With that though, I certainly don’t take what we have here for granted. We’ve managed to achieve great things in three years, something I’d never imagine. We’ve met some fantastic people and have gained some fantastic friends during this time.

So here’s a quick message to everyone who has worked with n3rdabl3 in the past, whether you’ve been a contributor for the site or have worked with us on a project, and it’s also to everyone we continue to work with, those currently a part of “team n3,” those who come to us for input on ideas, those who pitch releases to us in advance, and those who include us on their press contact list. And of course, those of you who read n3rdabl3, whether it’s daily, or once in a blue moon:

Thank you.

I truly mean that. Without you we wouldn’t be the n3rdabl3 you see here. Without the passion some of you bring to the table we wouldn’t have succeeded the way we have today. We’ve all been through a lot in three years, from the launch of the PS Vita, to the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, all the way (hopefully) to the launch of the Nintendo NX, whatever that may be. We’ve seen countless iPhones, various variations of the Samsung Galaxy, as well as the introduction of Samsung’s Note range of devices.

It’s been an awesome three years, I myself have learned a lot and I know I still have a hell of a lot to learn.

Here’s to many more years to come!

As of today we also say farewell to the n3rdabug, our mascot we introduced to the site waay back in early 2013 (I think). We’ve had a fantastic run with that little fella but we feel it’s time to retire him for something a little more on trend, and today we introduce you to the new n3rdabl3. We’re shifting more of a focus on our content and the stuff we think you’ll love. Now the homepage will be filled with not only the daily stream of content, but other things we hope you’ll find interesting, we have a lot in the works so watch this space.

Until then, farewell n3rdabug. Hello n3.

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