This year it seems Activision is hoping to recapture that golden era of gaming, and I’m pretty excited..

With a new Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the horizon, this year looks to be a fantastic year for Activision releases. It seems they’ve taken a look back a decade or so to see what was doing well, and just like fashion trends, are hoping to bring it around once more to not only capture a new audience, but to hopefully spark some nostaliga in fans of the publishers series from well over a decade ago, and for once I’m actually pretty excited by an older series making a return.

Both Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero were introduced in the early to mid 00s and during that time many new series were introduced, it was a great time for gaming hence why I called it a golden age. We had games like The Sims adding a more intimate level of god in the Sim City era, Paper Mario was introduced to fans of Nintendo, the first Hitman was released, and of course, Jet Set Radio landed on the Dreamcast. Not to mention in mid 00 the very first Call of Duty game launched.

call of duty

Now, we’ve had a lot of remakes recently, some of which are well deserved, others.. not so much. But what Activision are doing here is sparking an entire new feeling to fans of their games. Not only are they bringing back franchises we once thought were dead or had gone in a direction we weren’t really fans of, but they’re introducing trends that we’ve all become fond of in later games, like the power of cloud computing, faster Internet speeds meaning better multiplayer experiences, and of course much better graphical capabilities.

Though we’ve learned a lot about the new Guitar Hero Live and how they’re mixing up and refreshing the series, the new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is yet to be revealed. Currently dubbed Tony Hawk’s 5 this new title could either be a refreshing revival for the series, or like titles before it.. namely Tony Hawk’s Ride.. could break the series completely. With the well loved competitor Skate bringing a new way to play Skateboarding games, Tony Hawk and Activision have a lot to live up to with the new game and it’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing.

tony hawk

Of course, we’re all hoping they keep the accessibility of the older series, with the A / X button as ollie, the X / Square Button as flip, the B / Circle Button as grab, and the Y / Triangle button for grinds. At the same time I’m also hoping they bring back the slow-motion ‘Nail the Trick’ mode introduced into Project 8 where the player can control the skateboarders feet to precisely execute flips to a tee.

If Activision can pull off both the release of Guitar Hero Live and Tony Hawk’s 5, as well as the upcoming Black Ops 3, the company could be on to a real winner this year. I mean it’s a pretty perfect release slate for the publisher this year and the only thing to make it absolutely fantastic would be the revival of Crash Bandicoot. But hey, that’s just me.

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