Android Wear Update Brings Always-on to Apps Plus Much more..

Android Wear has just gotten that little bit better with the addition of ‘Always-On’ to apps, WiFi support, and emojis!

In a post on the Official Android Blog, Google has revealed some of the new additions coming to all seven Android Wear watches over the coming weeks that being some fantastic features to the already brilliant wearable operating system. The most notable feature in this update is the ability to accompany your Always-on screen with Always-on apps, so apps like Google Maps and Google Keep will remain on the screen while you walk, and shop without having to keep the phone awake at all times.

Android Wear’s Always-on feature allows the watch to stay awake in a more power-reserved mode that still shows important information – namely, the time – at a glance, rather than having to tap, press, or flick the watch awake. Now this feature is coming to apps too allowing them to stay on the screen as soon as you drop your wrist, and available at a glance as soon as you raise it. Perfect for if you’re travelling and don’t want your smartwatch on all the time.

Another new addition is the ability to draw emoji’s as a reply. More often than not, it’s easier just to leave a quick squiggle than actually spend the time composing a proper reply, even if Google’s voice recognition is top notch. So now you can simply just draw an emoji on the screen in reply to a message, sending a thumbs up or a smiley face in reply to your friends and family.

Android Wear Update Brings Always-on to Apps Plus Much more.. - n3rdabl3

Now, we all know you don’t have to pair your Android Wear watch with a smartphone at all times, sometimes you can go out for a run using GPS and listening to music saved in the watch itself. The only problem is, you missed out on notifications and other important things going on with your smartphone, so in the upcoming update Android Wear will now support phones with built-in WiFi. But what exactly does that mean? Well now, not only can you leave your Android smartphone at home, as long as your Android Wear watch is connected to WiFi and your smartphone has a data connection, the two of you can be as far apart as humanly possible and you’ll still receive notifications and use apps.

Oh, and it’ll also help if you lose your device as you can simply ask your watch where it is.

A few other additions coming to Android Wear is the ability to simply flick your wrist to scroll through your notifications stream, and your apps will now be just a tap away from the watch face allowing you to start up apps and send messages quickly.

These updates are coming to all seven Android Wear watches over the next few weeks, starting with the new LG Watch Urbane.