After the somewhat questionable ‘preview’ for the trailer yesterday, the full trailer for the Marvel flick Ant-Man finally dropped today.

Yesterday the preview trailer for Ant-Man appeared on Marvel Entertainment’s youtube channel. We’ve talked before about teasers and the whole concept of ‘trailers for trailers’, but Marvel aren’t even being shy around it now, though that’s a discussion for another time…

Today the full trailer for the movie dropped and it has your usual grittiness that you expect from any superhero movie trailer, but one of the big reliefs is that this movie seems like it’s going to be pretty self aware. Or at least, that’s how I’ve interpreted it.

Ant-Man was always a bit of a gamble, but it looks like from some jokes being cracked in the trailer already, including Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang making a funny around his alter-ego and an epic battle on a Thomas the Tank Engine train set, that it’s still going to be a humourous superhero flick that we all want to love.

The trailer gives a good impression that even with its false starts, like Edgar Wright leaving production and a few other technical hiccups, that this looks like it might just work.

Do you agree? Or do you think Marvel’s taking a big risk on this one? Remember, they made a talking racoon work, so why not this too?

Please can Hope become Wasp, please can Hope become wasp… *cough* I mean, what?

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